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To Hear Candy

Candy is equipped with

  • 24 jumbo frets trued and polished

  • 12" Radius Med "C" profile

  • 42mm @nut 56mm @ heel

  • Mahogany Neck w Rosewood fgr brd

  • Solid Mahogany Body

  • Sustain provided by solid steel block

  • Set-neck like craftsmen Luthier quality

  • Top Tier Stew Mac wrap bridge

  • Ama

  • Solid machined steel studs and threaded inserts

  • D'Addario Auto-Trim Locking Tuning Machines,

  • EMG Revelation Set H1A2-N/H1A2-B

  • If you know your pickups, you know that set. 

  • A complete set of pots by EMG proprietary to the H1A2-N/H1A2-B smooth as silk, 

  • Custom epoxy work all over the body

  • And of course all the hand made artwork of EddieA

  • 131 Glittering stones and colors

  • Not another like Ida in the world

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