Meticulous Fret Work

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The fret work is not for everybody.  I use an 8 step process to every single fret that doesn't pass with a fret rocker from StewMac which is important, because there are knock-off tools out there and are far inferior to others.  I am not affiliated nor endorsing StewMac, many luthiers agree, their quality is excellent.  So, every single fret is inspected to be level to it's two neighbors.  If you ever installed tile you know, this problem.  If you look at 9 squares, and the center tile is out of level at one corner.

If you adjust that tile, the other three corners are now out of alignment.  Frets can be like that.  If you are trying to do this yourself and take one down too far, you are looking at fret replacement. On set necks, like most of the guitars I produce, this is something to seriously consider.  If you don't have the experience of ruining a fret board, you may end up doing just that! 

After inspecting every single fret, all that are too high must be addressed and corrected to avoid fret buzz or worse.

There is more info on that subject on the tab above as  'fret buzz"

This is a painstaking process that takes a lot of time and careful use of a skilled eye and hands.  Then, using a leveling bar as FretGuru makes, that is a precision tool for an exact purpose.  Perfect leveling is very important. Finally you get to the final phase, which is polishing. Before one of my guitars are put out for sale, this whole process is done just for the neck.  Do you think factories have the time to do this?  You know they don't.  So, consider that you are purchasing an instrument that has had untold hours of hand crafted detail work that will never be compared to an assembly line mass production guitar.  And this is just ONE phase of many!