There is a lot of money and energy out there to get a guitar to look old and road torn.

If you're in that camp, I could only guess what it means to 'pretend' you've been gigging everywhere and have beaten that guitar up.  Not judging, but I am too practical for this line of thinking.  We see them come out of the factory pre-worn, chipped, scratched, worn paint, etc.

If that is your thing then a rock guitar may be a good choice, because honestly, when people see road worn guitars now, ... ahem... we all know it could be a week old.  Sorry, it's a thing!

1969 Martin N-20 Brazilian Rosewood - Spruce top

1963 Fender Stratocaster body 1962 Strat neck

To many of us, (I hope) we are attracted to 'authentic'  Stevie Ray Vaughan truly wore his axe out.  Willie Nelson's 'Trigger' (a Martin N-20) has a hole worn right through the wood just along aside the sound hole.  , this is from playing through the wood. So, if you don't have the patience to play hard for 40 or 50 years to wear through the wood of your guitar, maybe playing one made of rock (just looks that way) will add a different vibe all together.  Anyway, my next musing, I want to explore the ever fleeting goal of TONE.


I know, I know, who hasn't had this conversation.


But still it is important to keep up on ideas!

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