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"Your Guitar should be as unique as you are"

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At Rock Guitars, we combine traditional and modern trends in the guitar industry to design versatile instruments that represent your personality while ensuring high performance. Our guitars are designed to be as unique as the person buying them. We specialize in unique rock and art finishes designed by Eddie A, the genius behind Rock Guitars.

Our custom rock guitars are also built with precision, using only the best quality materials and using the recommendations of top luthiers in the industry. You can browse through our products and place your order for a custom high-quality rock guitar online.

We use the best body with a set-in neck to ensure high performance and a balanced instrument that delivers hot leads and also allows for clean and long valued sounds, which are a trademark of quality guitars.

The guitars are finished with a 'one-of-a-kind' unique finish in artwork or faux rock.The guitars are not heavy, the polymer modified finishes extremely durable, but also very lightweight. Every guitar is a 'one-off' original, handmade with hand finished woods. Never mass production. Let's face it, most guitars are factory cookie-cutter mass runs.Our motto - "Your guitar should be as unique as you are"

Get in touch with us today and let Eddie A help you build the perfect high-performance custom guitar to inspire you on your sound journey!