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A personal note by:


The goal at Rock Guitars International is to make collectable guitars that can be in with the most unique guitars out there.  Because every guitar, is and of itself, a piece of artwork, no two alike. Each a one-off. 

To be displayed, or even better, to be played. 

You see, the decision was made long ago to make them perform to a very high standard.  This idea was to those who make very unique music, or unique stage presence that captures the starry eyed fan who was at your show and left remembering your sound and now the
unique image of you with that unbelievable guitar!

A purist may tell you the resonance will be affected.  And they would be right!
But here is the real truth, once you deliver a level beyond the solo on a very clean signal through a very clear and soft sound system, the resonance leaves the show.  The player who rocks the house, uses FX pedals to get that unique signal to stand out in the mix, the player who tricks their sound or amplifies it to the level we all love at a show, can now forget the resonance. Make that guitar sing like the show stopper it is,
and the unique player you are!