A Guide to Choosing the Right Guitar Strap

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Despite being an indispensable accessory for guitarists, guitar straps are usually overlooked. Guitar straps designed years ago were made of fabric and tied around the guitarist’s neck. As this was ergonomically unfavorable, the demand for comfortable guitar straps increased.

These days, guitarists looking for the right strap are confused about making the right choice as they range from low-cost plastic belts to expensive handmade leather pieces. This guide will help you choose the most suitable strap according to your requirements.

How to Identify a good Guitar Strap

Guitarists are strictly recommended to only buy top-quality guitar straps because inferior products can damage your guitar. Make sure the strap's stitching is strong enough that it doesn't loosen up easily. Moreover, check if the leather dye is rubbing onto your guitar and look out for stretched-out buttonholes.

The best guitar straps are machine stitched using the highest quality materials and feature buckles for improved durability. The best guitar strap is made of cotton and reinforced with leather on each end.

Factors to Consider When Buying A Guitar Strap

  • Width: You need greater shoulder support when playing a heavy instrument. Standard straps have a width of 5-8 cm so that they can be adjusted easily to the neck.

  • Length: Most strap lengths can be adjusted and you can also consider an extra-long version to play your instrument at knee height.

  • Fit: Make sure the guitar strap is comfortable so you must try it on before buying. Some guitarists may be satisfied with a simple flat leather belt, while some may need thick padding on their shoulders.

  • Material: If you have excessive sweating, smooth leather straps and straps made from nylon can be slippery. A raw leather strap or strap made from polypropylene can better with the moisture.

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Standard Guitar Straps

You can now find standard guitar straps with additional cords for acoustic guitars. The strap at the lower end is secured to a regular strap button, while the other end is fastened around the neck. On the other hand, classical guitars don't have strap attachments. The strap in this case can be hooked on the soundhole, allowing you to play while standing.

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