Different Types of Guitar Foot Stools and How to Use Them

Updated: Apr 21

The position of your body is often overlooked when you play guitar. Where you place the guitar and the way you position your arms can affect your performance, comfort, and technique. Once you develop bad playing habits, you’ll find it harder to learn a technique. Moreover, you may develop pain in your back, shoulders, and wrists for a long period.

The best way to determine the most suitable position of your guitar in relation to your body is using a guitar footstool. This blog will discuss different types of foot stools and the correct way of using them.

 A person maintaining good posture while playing guitar

On-Stage Guitar Foot Rest

The on-stage guitar footrest features a simple design. It’s made of metal, and the height can be adjusted according to your preferences. The high-quality stool is equipped with a non-slip rubber at the top, so you can play comfortably.

It comes in various other models that you can easily fold and fit in your guitar bag or backpack. It provides five different fixed positions and folds flat.

Hercules Large Guitar Foot Rest Plate

Hercules manufactures all types of stands for guitarists, offering robust designs. The Hercules large guitar footrest has a surprising load capacity of 198lbs and has an extra-wide surface. Besides being durable and sturdy, the footstool has an adjustable height from 5-to 10 inches.

Neewer Guitar Foot Rest

The Neewer footrest is beautifully designed, and its height can be adjusted to six different positions. Its maximum height is 10 inches, while the minimum height is 3.9 inches. Since the end caps are covered with rubber, the stool won’t move once you begin using it.

The footrest is made using solid iron and features sturdy construction, which means it’s quite durable and will last for years. The stool is easy to set up and lies flat on its surface when you fold it.

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Miwayer Guitar Footrest

The Miwayer guitar footrest is a standard model featuring a simple design. It’s made of heavy-duty metal and has four-position height adjustment settings. The non-slip rubber pad and rubber end caps prevent the player’s foot and the stool from slipping. The stool is also foldable.

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