How to Avoid Injuries While Playing Guitar

Whether you're jamming with friends or performing for a sold-out crowd, playing guitar requires a lot of dedication and practice. Though practicing consistently is the key to improving your guitar playing skills, beginners and professionals must avoid overdoing it to prevent injuries. An injury while playing the guitar can be made worse by failing to recognize and react to the situation.

Here are some of the common injuries and ways to prevent them.

Stretching hands before the guitar practice session

Sore Fingers and Fingertips

If you experience sore fingers and fingertips, it's best to avoid playing until the symptoms disappear. Since playing guitar places a lot of stress on your fingertips, the skin will thicken and become less sensitive to discomfort.

The dry, flaky skin you see on the fingertips is a temporary change, but the real change will happen over time, underneath the skin surface. This feeling subsides in a week of consistent practice, according to most beginners. Warm-up with gentle exercises to prepare for your session.

Repetitive Strain Injury

This refers to multiple injuries from cumulative effects. The most common RSI is carpal tunnel syndrome which a doctor can only diagnose. However, it can be improved by reducing practice, eliminating stress off the injured part, and using compression or heat. Avoid playing guitar for at least three months if you're dealing with such an injury.

If you suspect the injury and it lasts more than a week, promptly see a doctor specializing in these injuries.

maintaining proper guitar playing posture

Back Pain

Back pain is often caused by improper practice posture. The pain can be eliminated by switching to practicing while standing up from sitting. If you practice sitting, make sure you use an ergonomically designed chair.

If you experience back pain often, consider changing your posture. Make sure your shoulders are relaxed and positioned properly, and hold the guitar closer to you. Holding the guitar farther away from the body will cause you to bend and slouch your back.

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