• This guitar has is loaded with quality componentsl
  • Set-neck.  as only luthiers would make
  • Dressed fretboad, leveled with ever so slight in-bow to eleminate fret buzz
  • Top Tier Potential meters
  • Lace High performance pickups
  • Neck (Blue) Middle (Silver) Bridge (Red)  Sensor pick ups
  • Floyd Rose Trem by Schallor (Made in Germany)
  • Heavy FR brass block for sustain
  • Double locking tuning
  • Fine tuning at bridge
  • Custom hand made pick guard
  • Custom Rock finish  (Black with Gold highlights
  • And more!

Black Dragon

SKU: RG0007
  • This guitars are not only high performance, but it is also ART

    We only return/refund if it is damaged in shipping, however, we include with our guitars a hardshell case.  Inotation will be set when shipped, and should be still set upon arrival.   WE do not have two guitars alike.

    Therefore think of it as artwork and thus non-refundable