Yes there is no  question that resonance can be altered by the artistic finish.

But the science behind resonance is very clear.  The player who wants a very clear signal or just enough distortion to roll sound back into the wood of the guitar for smooth feedback is all about that resonance.

But there is another factor I've learned before I launched this endeavor.  And that is, nearly every guitars signal is mixed with a band, and usually there is enough amplification to get that guitar in the mix loud enough to hear it.

Add to that, nearly ANY amp modeling, toys on  the floor (stomp boxes) and even amps with gain, all these signal boosters will drown out the nuances of true resonance.  So, if you are on a bar stool, playing an acoustic, or if you are playing very clear and clean sound where the sound from the amp, is actually vibrating into the wood of the guitar, then a EddieA Rock Guitar may dampen the resonance you want to achieve. That being said, there is no reason not to assume 95% of rock and roll , metal or just plain high gain in some way, you will not only have a guitar that will turn heads by the artwork, but it will be dressed to kill in performance.  Depending on  the one you choose.  Also see the pricing information to understand why they have the prices they do.  

"For those about to Rock,  We Salute you"