Ida has an insanely unique finish that can have your guitar the buzz when that eye is staring at your audience.

Ida has hot EMGs Floyd Rose bridge, a hand made pickguard And all the OEM EMG pots as well as a set neck.  Top Tier

Black Dragon 1.JPG

Black Dragon





Lucas is ready for the BLUES!

True Texas Single coils that have that single coil sparkle!

However!, you may be shocked at how quiet this guitar is.

Superb shielding and ground.

A return to zero tremolo that stays in tune.  Zebra Rock skin




What can we say about Candy

This is Elton John or Prince in a showman jewel case!  This guitar is like a disco ball when the stage lights bounce off.

The EMGs can sing at clear signal, and SCREAM when you set your rig on 10!  Killer Axe




For the serious player! Vincula is latin for chains. EddieA's design but what a beast of a guitar. If you know the pickups by Seymour Duncan P-Rails

Then you know what's under the hood. Basically 3 guitars in one. P-90s Single coils and also Humbuckers A Schaller bridge from Germany that adjusts to nearly ANYTHING you want.

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Spanish Harlem


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G  U  I   T   A   R   T   I   S  T