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At Rock Guitars, we combine traditional and modern trends in the guitar industry to design versatile instruments that represent your personality while ensuring the best performance. Our guitars are designed to be as unique as the person buying them.

We specialize in unique rock and art finishes designed by EddieA, the genius behind Rock Guitars.

Our custom rock guitars are also built with precision, using only the best quality materials and using the recommendations of top luthiers in the industry. You can purchase a one-of-a-kind, custom guitar online at our website.  We develop artistic high-quality rock guitars that not only sound amazing but offer a great playing experience.

Most importantly, we use the best body with a set-in neck to ensure high performance and a balanced instrument that delivers hot leads while allowing for a clean signal as the long valued sound that is a trademark of a quality guitar.

The guitars are completed by applying various unique rock, and artwork finishes that make it unique, where your guitar is the ONLY one like it in the world!

Get in touch with us today and let our experts build the perfect high-performance custom guitar to inspire you on your musical journey!

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Custom Guitars

There’s a unique guitar for everyone out there. If you want one made especially for you, you can always count on us. Our artistic high performance rock guitars are especially handcrafted to be in tune with you.
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Find with us a collection of guitars that speaks to you. Their majestic exterior will have a magnetic effect on your crowd, and their artist-grade sound quality will stir them with emotion.

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Custom Guitars

Explore our world of rock guitars. We have the best custom guitars you’ll ever find; each one unique to its core. Our masterpieces with their rock and artwork finishes are all you need to start this musical journey.

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