Purchase? – Investment? – Cost?

How do the EddieA brand of guitars reach the sale price? Glad you asked!
As you know you can walk into a guitar or musical instrument store and find a guitar that can be anything
from $150 to $50,000+ What is that price based on? That, unfortunately is based on ‘anything goes’. It is ultimately up to the consumer to do their own research and make a decision based on that research.
So, to help you understand these prices, please know some pertinent facts.

  1. Depending on the factory price – We don’t use only one, the set-neck is not comparable to a production line bolt-on neck. This topic is addressed in the ‘Technical’ page. So, with that, the premium quality of the neck and body start us at usually over $1000. Sometimes more
  2. The time taken to go over the frets, level them in a painstaking process as in ‘EddieA Fret Work’ is adding skilled labor. Anywhere from $100 to ? to dial frets to premium playing and action. We all know that factory guitars hanging on the wall at a guitar store, most likely, did not have this done.
  3. The art process, in some cases take any range of 10 to 80 hours with drying times. $1000 to ?
  4. The materials used in the art process any range from $30 to ?
  5. The Tuners $50 to $200
  6. Pickups $50 to $400
  7. Bridge $50 to $500
  8. Specialty nut $25 to $60
  9. Premium pots $30 to $200
  10. Special electronics have a very wide range.

I hate to say it this way, but the above information is a basic guideline. The truth is as I start a guitar, I don’t even think of cost! I will add up the investments by the brand or manufacture of the components installed. But one must look at it this way, or buying an EddieA guitar will make little sense. If you think of a popular guitarist, that is hot on the music scene, that is a celebrity of sorts. They modify or buy excellent instruments by their particular preferences. Usually an ‘Excellent Instrument’
You, however, by the decision of buying a guitar from this line, are actually making the guitar a celebrity of sorts. So, in essence, the guitar takes on a huge part of your presence on stage, at home or in the studio. Add to this, what if you bought Bitcoin at the beginning? Or stock in Apple or Microsoft back in the late 70’s?
Rockguitars International is at the launch this year 2021 What will your guitar be worth in later years is anyone’s guess. I don’t claim it will be like the above examples.
I am only saying that the ‘rock’ guitar concept may be discovered by guitar greats and if/when that happens, who knows. One thing is clear. The price, in reality is now a fundamental bargain if you look closely at the information above. The cost of these guitars will likely be more of an investment than just another toy, or guitar in your collection* (*if you’re like me). If you are considering a EddieA guitar, at the very least weigh in all this information and look at some of the competitors. We saw a custom builder in Europe that averaged $40K to $80K (yes! Thousand) and they were sold out, and had a waiting list! And none on many of those sites were oriented by “ART”, just very high end components and painstaking detail to look like a VERY expensive guitar. Thanks, I hope this helps with understanding my guitar prices.

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