As a guitarist myself, I have always liked balance in my instrument. Some guitars are built for super hot distortion, some are built for clean, thick & clear sound.I personally like to have the option for both. This is why I take the best body with set-in neck (I will also use bolt-on at times) and try to orchestrate that balance by using the best components.


To deliver hot leads when that is the preference, or to allow the clean and long valued sound guitars are known for.


The rock finish was an evolution in destiny. I, was applying rock, brick and artwork in various venues for decoration on walls & objects, when one day while strumming and picking away on a guitar, I was in deep thought of other ideas my rock finish could be applied to. Then, I looked down and the rest is history. To be sure, however, I also knew I could make ‘artwork’ as well, as I did on some of my own guitars. So, once Rock Guitars Intl was formed, I had the perfect opportunity to roll the sleeves up, take the limitations out, buy the best bodies, necks and peripherals for the optimum performance, and the sky was the limit with the artwork.


“I hope you get as much enjoyment from one of my guitars as I get in creating them”