Sometimes Art and Performance get married. When they do, it is anything imaginable to masterful 

perfections that display a prodigious embodiment of artwork, performance and functionality in unified grace.

EddieA guitars have consistently procured like responses when seen.  An agape jaw, eyes open wide and a comment usually something like:

"Wow! That is awesome!"

Needless to say, you are relying on a display monitor to convey an intensely appealing collection of craftsmanship, imagination and artistry culminated into a musical instrument. 

We mention this because – Witnesses will usually repeat a similar comment;

"Photo's don't do it justice"

In essence, what you have stumbled upon is not only an observation, but an opportunity.  Most EddieA guitars are for sale.

 EddieA as well as many musicians respect the time honored guitars we all know so well. And with all due respect, we know they are primarily ‘Cookie Cutter’ shapes and designs with subtle differences.

Eddie’s guitars are 100% one at time, hand crafted with only ONE line of thinking. 

A prime foundation, the best components, with a one of a kind artistic finish.

High Performance Guitars