4 Best Guitar Magazines in 2021

Guitar magazines are a great way to learn about the world of guitars. They contain information about guitar legends, famous guitars, guitar learning tips, and much more.

Playing the guitar is indeed a form of therapy. It is not a surprise that many would be interested in learning about playing this instrument by incorporating tips from magazines. If you’re up to date with relevant information about the guitar world at the same time, it’s a win-win. Here are some of the best guitar magazines in 2021:

Guitar World

For more than thirty-five years,Guitar Worldhas rocked the worlds of many guitar fans. With more than a three million reach, it connects its audience to past milestones and future vital events taking place in the world of guitars. The magazine also contains lessons on guitar learning as well as tips for guitar lessons. The song genre mainly focuses on hard rock and heavy metal.

As part of Future pic, one of the leading digital publishers and international media groups, this magazine’s mission is to connect people to what they’re passionate about via rich content.

Premier Guitar

Published by Gearhead Communications, LLC, this magazine is one of the leading platforms that contains stories from famous and experienced guitarists worldwide, along with a tribute to legendary guitars and singers of all times.

Premier Guitar offers passionate and thrilling accounts of people and provides publishing platforms online, print, and even digital media.

Total Guitar

One of the leading guitar magazines in the UK, this magazine focuses primarily on beginners. From easy to learn and helpful advice and tips for beginners, the magazine expands its topics to include various sections on different genres such as punk, metal, hard rock, and much more.

The magazine is claimed to be one of Europe’s best-selling guitar magazines. What sets this magazine apart from others is that it comes with a free CD and ultimately offers more songs than its magazine counterparts.

Guitar Player

This US-based magazine focuses on recent developments in the world of guitar. Focusing on almost every song genre, guitar player covers nearly every genre made possible to man.

The magazine contains different sections on the latest guitar news, up-and-coming guitar players, guitar lessons, guitar equipment, a store with a plethora of music albums, and other subscriptions for magazines. The store has a collection of some greatest hits of all time, including Kiss, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and much more.

Guitar Players contains helpful reviews of different concerts as well as guitar equipment to help players decide amongst the best ones for them.

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