4 Types of Guitars Every Guitarist Should Know About

If you’ve decided to learn how to play the guitar and have trouble choosing which one to start with, this post is for you. While most people think guitars are going out of fashion, they’re actually more popular than ever.

With so many different types of guitars around us, it can be unclear having to decide which one to go for. Here’s a list of some of the popular options when it comes to choosing a guitar:

Classical Guitars

Classical guitars are usually more reasonably priced and more accessible to play than their counterparts since they have an easier way of playing. The acoustics are much less harsh, reducing the chances of soreness.

Classical guitars contain nylon strings that are thicker and softer to play with, making it an easy choice for beginners to start. Additionally, classical guitar strings are close to each other, enabling you to move your finger from one to the other quite quickly than you would on another guitar.

These guitars are difficult to master as they produce an earthy sound that highlights or brings light to any small mistake you make.

Acoustic Guitars

Acoustic guitars contain hollow chambers allowing the vibrations to reverberate without having to buy an electric guitar. Acoustic guitars come in both nylon string and steel string options. The latter string is most commonly used to play a range of rock and folk music genres. Acoustic guitars are also much heavier than their classical counterparts.

Extremely famous as used by musicians such as The Beatles and Bob Dylan, acoustic guitars are a favorite for many.

Electric Guitars

Connected to an amplifier, electric guitars can be played with either fingers or a pick and even a combination of both. This guitar’s volume is generally low, so the vibrations are fed into an amplifier to amplify the sound.

If one is looking to practice, an amplifier is not needed. However, to enhance the sound effects and utilize the electric guitar to its maximum potential, an amplifier is plugged in with it.

The Stratocaster and Gibson Les Paul are examples of famous electric guitars, the latter played by Billy Joe Armstrong’s legendary.

Bass Guitar

The bass guitars are ultimately the ones that steal the show. Keep in mind. They’re different from the rest of the guitars mentioned. The bass guitar produces sound in the form of frequencies.

It is a type of electric guitar that will never be in the front center of the stage but will be playing at the far corner. This formation is mainly because the lead singer does not have much to do with the bass. However, this doesn’t mean that bass guitars are less important in any way.

Led Zeppelin and Paul McCartney are famous guitarists who have honed the bass guitar, highlighting the importance of this musical instrument.

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