5 Common Guitar Myths Debunked

Certain misconceptions regarding guitars are commonly accepted and perceived as facts. These myths often get passed on as advice to beginners who get caught up in the fabrications and perpetuate them indefinitely.

Discover some myths about playing guitar and the reasons for debunking them.

Removing Your Guitar Strings All At One Time Can Damage The Instrument

Removing all strings at once is the best way to change them. When all strings are off, you can do many things that aren’t normally possible, like cleaning and oiling the frets, polishing the instrument’s face, making alterations to the bridge, and checking your battery.

Since the string tension is gradually reduced, there’s nothing wrong with taking them all off simultaneously. However, you should avoid cutting them while they’re still tuned to pitch.

Acoustic Guitars are Easier to Play Than Electrics

Typically, an electric guitar is easier to play than an acoustic. That’s because acoustic guitars have a higher neck, thicker strings, and higher playing action (the distance between the fretboard and string). Since it requires greater finger strength, an acoustic guitar is more challenging to play.

Start Learning To Play Guitar At An Early Age Or Don’t Learn At All

There’s no ideal age to start learning to play guitar because it depends on the individual. Enthusiastic and persistent students who are willing to put in effort and practice time have the potential to become good guitarists. They can either learn to play at the age of six or even sixty.

Finger Size Doesn’t Matter When Playing Guitar

No matter the size and thickness of their fingers, beginners always find it difficult to fret a note without touching the adjacent strings. One must never quit playing because their fingers are too large or too small for the guitar neck. All you have to do is develop the right playing techniques and practice as much as possible.

Using Thicker Strings Gives Better Tone

You get a different tone with a thicker string but not a better tone. Since all great players use different kinds of strings, there’s no particular formula for string girth to achieve a better tone. It only matters what you prefer and how you use it.

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