A Complete Guide on Guitar Maintenance Techniques for Fall and Winter

With the weather getting cooler during the fall months, you must maintain an appropriate humidity level for your guitar. Since your guitar is made of wood, it can soak up moisture and sunlight. With the beginning of the winter season, your guitar undergoes structural changes as well as damage because of moisture and changes in temperature.

For instance, dry conditions not only affect the guitar’s playability but also lead to wood cracking and other severe damage. So you must know how to care for your guitar during this transition.

Regulating Room Humidity

Use a hygrometer to check the humidity levels in your personal practice space. When leaving your guitar in a room where the air is dry, buy a room humidifier for humidification control. This is a low-maintenance option because all you need to do is refill it with water as soon as it gets empty. Do a light residue cleanup to make sure the humidifier operates optimally.

Use a Guitar Case

If you can’t keep your guitar in a climate-controlled room, use a case that will provide a more protective environment. If you live in an area where winter is cold, the case will protect it from cracks. This will make it easier for you to carry your instrument outside. However, before taking it out in a warmer environment, make sure to leave it in the case for some time.

DIY Humidity Control

If you’re away from home and forget your packs, consider this DIY idea. Soak one or two sponges in water and squeeze them out completely. Use a Ziplock sandwich bag to store these sponges and seal them.

Make 2-3 tiny holes in the bag with a knife or scissors to let the moisture out. Place this bag in your guitar case when your guitar is not in use. This DIY humidifier will prevent your guitar from becoming dry. As soon as the sponge dries, re-soak it and place it in the same bag.

Protecting The Guitar From Freezing Temperature

When the temperature drops, avoid carrying your guitar outside for longer periods. While traveling, keep your guitar in a warmer area, such as a heated vehicle. If it ever gets cold, let it warm up indoors, but don’t place it close to a heat source or open flame.

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