Guitar Stands 101: The Ultimate Guide for Stage and Studio

Guitar stands are an essential addition to your rehearsal studio or stage as they keep your instrument in place. In addition to protecting your guitar from damage, the stand will keep the rest of the equipment safe. However, you may not know which the best suitable option is when buying one. Here’s your guide on different types of guitar stands and which one to choose.

Structure of a Good Guitar Stand

Choosing the best material is most crucial among the various factors to consider when buying a guitar stand. The material of the stand’s frame determines the support it can provide your guitar.

Though some stands offer incredible design and protective padding, the quality of the frame matters the most. Check whether the joints offer seamless expansion and contraction if a guitar stand looks well-made and sturdy.

Padding in a Guitar Stand

Once you find the appropriate base materials, pay attention to the padding solutions. A stand provides three points of contact with the guitar – at the backside (the area where the neck joins the body) and two at the guitar’s bottom. To preserve your guitar’s finish, the padding in these places must be high-quality.

Look for a thick foam instead of plastics that seem safe initially but fail to preserve your instrument’s finish. Moreover, plastic padding can’t prevent the guitar from slipping.

A-Frame Guitar Stand

The A-frame guitar stand features a simple design, and it’s commonly used in guitar stores. Its compact and sturdy mechanism allows convenient folding for transport or storage. Choose this guitar stand if you intend to place one guitar in every room. The frame holding the base of an acoustic guitar is a bit wider than the frame supporting an electric guitar.

Wall Hanger Stand

Using a wall-mounted guitar hook will not only add to the aesthetics of your playing studio but also save you floor space. You can find them in several shapes as all guitar models have different neck profiles and headstock shapes. So some of them may be the best fit for your guitar while others may not. Take your guitar to the store to check all options.

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