EddieA® Quality Guitar Components
There are valid questions any guitarist can ask about the build of your musical instrument.

We start with the neck. As you know there are ‘bolt-on’ ‘set-neck’ and ‘through-neck’

Which is best is a question likely to procure several different answers. From tone to practical use.

The bolt-on idea was by Fender years ago to save time and money on construction.

So ask yourself, why is every ‘entry level’ and child’s guitar a bolt-on neck?

Because only a luthier would take the time and craftsmanship for a set-neck.

We will also use bolt-on but we prefer the quality of a set-necks more often.

Guitartist® EddieA® will use the following:

  • EMG Pickups preferred, but also Fisher, Gibson, Fender, DiMarzio, Seymour Duncan and more.
  • Tuning Machines – Grover, Fender, PRS, D’Addario, Gibson, Taylor, Sperzel and many more.
  • Potentialmeters – Normally matching brands to pickups, but one favorite is Seymour Duncan
  • Mahogany bodies and Paulwlonia (the strongest tinsel strength for the weight of any wood)
  • Necks refined and finished by hand for smooth and no buz, action 2 to 3 mm string height
  • Bridges: Floyd Rose, Gibson, Fender, Schaller, Hipshot. Babicz, Gotoh, Ibanez and more.
  • We use locking nuts or standard depending on tremolo or standard bridge.

Every guitar that passes through our shop, is personally created by EddieA®
This is not just a promise but a fact. Eddie has no plans for ‘assembly line’ or mass produced guitars. So when you purchase a guitar from the EddieA® line of guitars,
you are buying piece of unique art, one of a kind, from top of the headstock to the
strap peg at the bottom, it is all a single one off project by the hands of EddieA®