4 Ways to Use the Metronome That Will Change The Way You Play Guitar


In addition to making your playing sharper and more accurate, practicing the guitar with a metronome holds several benefits. Moreover, if you ever plan to play with another musician, rhythm is crucial to develop good timing. This guide will discuss some ways to use the metronome.

Understanding the Metronome’s Functions

To start using a metronome effectively in your guitar practice routine, the first step is to consider the number you set your tempo to (beats per minute).

The next factor to consider is the time signature that you can set to match the song you’re playing. While the most popular time signature is 4/4, you can also switch to ¾ and observe the difference. Various digital metronomes have handy features such as color schemes, full-screen flashing, and different sound sets.

Assessing Your Alternate Picking Speed

You can practice multiple guitar metronome exercises to help improve your playing speed. For instance, you can use it to check your alternate picking speed. You can use open strings to accentuate the focus on the picking hand.

Start by setting your metronome to 50 BPM and increase five beats every time until you start picking the wrong string. That’s how you can challenge yourself and enjoy the speed.

Checking Your Chord Transitioning Speed

The first step is to set your metronome to 60 BPM in 4/4 timing and strum each chord once every four beats. Then focus on strumming each chord every two beats, strumming each chord on every beat, and strumming up and down twice per beat. Increasing your metronome speed by five increments will make it easier to learn.

Locking into the Rhythm of Songs

A metronome is a tool that can help you create and set goals for yourself. This metronome exercise while playing the guitar is beneficial for learning new sections of songs. All you have to do is set your metronome to the BPM according to the piece you’re playing and lock it into the rhythm with your metronome. Start playing slow, then gradually increase your speed.

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