Here’s Why You Should Practice Guitar With a Metronome


Practicing playing the guitar with a metronome at a beginner level is greatly beneficial for a musician. According to expert guitarists, using a metronome makes for a smoother playing experience and improves their ability to learn difficult songs quickly. Here’s how.

Improved Timing

The primary benefit of using a metronome while playing the guitar is that it improves your timing and rhythm. This means it enhances your understanding of where the beat is and what divides each beat. Most beginner and lower intermediate learners fail to understand the pulse or beat of the music while playing.

Practicing with a metronome consistently helps you focus on the beat and how all notes fit into it.

Building Speed

Every time a guitarist demonstrates a great technique, it’s usually the result of lots of practicing with a metronome – both fast and slow. To gradually improve speed, guitarists train their physical movements and minds.

Practicing with a metronome will make it easier for you to increase your speed so that each increase is just slightly noticeable from one speed to another. Without a metronome, you’re likely to increase your speed in larger increments.

Slowing Down With Ease

At times, practicing slowly is essential for creating a better guitar-playing technique. For instance, if you’re trying to work on your finger movement in a series of difficult chord changes, taking it slow will help ingrain the movements into the muscle memory.

Working with a metronome will prevent you from speeding up at slower speeds. To slow things down while playing the guitar, the metronome should click more than once per beat.

Playing to a ‘Click Track’ While Recording

If you’re trying to record your practice, playing to a click track can help through the process. A click track is a metronome you hear through your headphones as you record. Most musicians listen to a click track during their recording in a studio to ensure that multiple song attempts are played at identical tempos.

This allows easy editing, as you can cut and paste pieces of different takes together and make them sound smooth.

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