A Guide to Maintaining Proper Posture When Playing the Guitar


Most beginner learners are not aware of the proper posture and hand positioning when playing the guitar. Now, bad habits will not immediately result in injuries. However, over time, they may develop elbow, arm, shoulder, neck, back, and wrist pains, CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome), tendonitis, RSI (Repetitive Strain Injuries), and other side effects.

Moreover, proper posture and hand positioning are crucial to playing effectively and improving your overall sound. Here’s how to properly hold the guitar and maintain your posture while playing.

Sitting Position

Sit down on a chair with your feet on the floor and always keep your back straight. Place the guitar’s waist on your right leg (if you’re a right-handed player) and rest the guitar against your chest and stomach. Make sure the guitar neck is parallel to the floor.

Avoid using the left hand to support the neck from leaning down towards the floor. Rather, rest your upper right arm on the upper part of the guitar body. Make sure this position feels comfortable as you play.

Classical Position

Right-handed players can rest their left foot on the footstool and put the guitar on their left leg.

When sitting in this position, most players will utilize a strap that lets them place the guitar in a more favorable position and reach several notes easily.

Standing and Using a Strap

Though guitar straps are generally affordable for basic models, you can also buy fancy ones worth hundreds of dollars. You can find some DIY options, but investing in a decent guitar strap is extremely beneficial if you plan to stand during performances.

Moreover, practicing while standing will help you get used to the feeling and determine areas that require improvement.

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