Here’s How to Plan a Guitar Practice Routine


To improve their guitar playing skills and techniques, guitarists must follow a solid practice routine. Planning a guitar practice routine not only helps them learn faster but also hones their skills.

According to advanced musicians, the difference a guitar practice routine makes can improve the quality of your practice sessions. This guide will discuss the importance of practice and how to plan an effective guitar practice routine.

Importance of a Guitar Practice Routine

Professional guitarists understand the importance of planning a guitar practice routine. They believe that a poor practice routine will slow your progress. Moreover, practicing hours is a waste of time unless it teaches you the right things.

A quality practice routine will keep you motivated, so it’s worth getting your practice routine right. Don’t waste your time practicing things that can’t help you improve.

What’s Included in a Guitar Practice Routine

A solid guitar practice routine will emphasize the skills and techniques you must learn to achieve your goals. For example, scales and chord exercises are essential for your practice routine.

However, an effective guitar practice plan should only include what the player is currently working on. What you include in your practice routine is based on your current skills and your playing objectives.

What do You Want to Play?

Most beginner guitar players want to learn how to play their favorite songs. Once you enlist the songs you want to learn, pick your favorite song and make learning to play it your main goal. If you wish to write your music, pick a style and listen to songs that are in a similar style. These songs can help you plan your practice routine.

What Skills do You Want to Learn?

The next step is determining the skills and techniques you need to work on to play the chosen songs. Once you pick a song, make a list of all the skills and techniques used in it. You can later sort your list according to the frequency and difficulty of the songs. To practice these skills faster, you can find different exercises and lessons from various sources.

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