Here’s How to Play Guitar in Different Genres


Learning to play different genres of the guitar is an exciting experience. Advanced guitarists playing in front of an audience understand the need to expand their musical horizons. Though the guitar can handle various musical styles, you must know how to select the best genre. Learning music genres on your guitar depends on your skills and preferences. Here’s what you need to know.


Most musicians who are interested in playing guitar choose to learn rock first. However, learning this genre is a lot more challenging than it seems. Though you’ll want to learn famous rock riffs, certain songs feature complex finger patterns that are difficult to master quickly without direction.

Some rock guitar techniques you must learn include power chords and string skipping. Moreover, listening to the most popular rock songs will train your ears.

Bluegrass Acoustic or Flatpick

Playing Bluegrass style will enhance your musical diversity, particularly on acoustic guitar. According to some players, this genre comprises overly simple chords. However, others find it just as complex as rock.

When listening to great flatpickers, you can identify the difference in guitar techniques from other guitar styles played using fingers only. Flatpick style is played with a pick to produce a crisper, brighter, and more metallic sound.


Most musicians prefer playing this genre on a guitar. Like Bluegrass, the blues trace back to early American musical history and the famous blues chords and riffs. You can play the blues on both an electric and acoustic guitar. However, first, you must learn the blues scale, which differs from other musical scales. An experienced music teacher will teach you to vocalize on the guitar and use the best blue riffs from the famous blues guitarists in history.


Learning to play classical guitar is the most demanding musical genre. Since playing this genre is timeless, it fits every setting, whether you perform publicly or privately. However, it comes with more technicalities that need more time to practice.

What makes it more unique is that it connects to other genres like Celtic styles and Folk. This allows the player to creatively blend different styles as they become more advanced.

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