7 Steps to Finding the Right Guitar

Embarking on your guitar playing journey but don’t know where to start?

First things first, you need a guitar that suits you. The worst thing that can happen is you buying the wrong guitar and giving up on your newfound interest prematurely.

Here’s exactly how you can find the best high performance guitar for yourself.

1. Decide the Type of Guitar you Want

Beginners are advised to start off with an acoustic guitar. They’re easier to handle and ideal for beginners. They don’t need much to start; you can just pick one up and start practicing.

Electric guitars need amplification and other various accessories like pedals and cables. It also depends on the kind of music you play and becomes a little complicated and expensive to handle. But, electric guitars allow more room for experimentation and which can be intriguing for instrumentalists.

2. Decide Between Nylon and Steel Strings

Steel strings are standard but can be tough on your fingers.

However, nylon-stringed classical guitars are best if you’re just getting started as they’re easier to hold and play. They’re small and don’t produce a loud sound.

A traditional, steel-stringed acoustic guitar produces a loud, deep, and full sound. You can choose which is best for you.

3. Choose the Right Size

Guitars are not one-size-fits-all. Getting the right size is essential as it’ll be difficult playing something too large or too small for you. The player’s height and age determine the correct size.

4. Decide on a Budget

Before investing in any instrument, it’s wise to create a budget beforehand and look for guitars within your price range. This can save you from breaking the bank while buying an instrument that you’ve no experience with.

Highly-priced guitars don’t always mean they’re the best option. Plus, you’ll feel disappointed if you find out that your expensive guitar doesn’t suit your needs.

5. Determine the Kind of Music You’re Interested in Playing

Although the sound is subjective, there are certain styles of music that only work with certain types of instruments.

To determine this, you’ll need to do some research. Figure out the kind of music you want to work with and find a guitar that’ll work best with your preferred genre of music.

6. Be Prepared and Do your Research

Before you go to a guitar shop, make sure you know the basics. You’ll look out of place if you don’t know what you need and what you’re working with. Look into the guitar you’re interested in, read some reviews, visit your nearest local shop to get familiar before you make a purchase.

7. Don’t Just Focus on the Aesthetics

New guitarists often want to look cool and just focus on the appearance of the guitar. While that’s important, if you buy a guitar solely based on its appearance, then you’re in trouble.

Instead, you should look for an instrument that stands out in terms of both appearance and abilities.

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