Everything a Guitarist should know About Hand Strength

When learning to play the guitar, it isn’t always easy to get the right notes accurately and quickly. Moreover, there may be soreness in your fingers accompanied by blisters and calluses.

However, this doesn’t mean that you’re incapable of playing the guitar. It’s common for many guitar players to have their hand strength tested. Here’s what every guitarist should know about hand strength.

Importance of Hand Strength

Whether you’re a beginner guitarist or a professional player, there are always plenty of things to learn. Technique, theory, and memory are some of the most crucial elements of playing the guitar. Moreover, the shape and strength of your hands play an equally important role.

Just as your hands are used to moving in a certain way to perform different tasks, learning to play guitar also requires hand movements – especially the fingers and wrists. Though certain riffs and chords will feel awkward in the beginning, your hands will strengthen over time.

Dedication is Key

The more you’re dedicated to practicing, the better you’ll get at playing the guitar. Practicing gives your hands more exercise and improves muscles memory. Over time, your fingers will get stronger and easy to move up and down the fretboard.

Stretch your Fingers and Wrists

Pre-practice stretches can also help you hit the right notes in a challenging song. You can do so by pulling back every finger as far as you can and hold it for ten seconds. For your wrists, press your hands together and bring them to the chest level. Slowly move your elbows up and down to give your wrists a good workout.

Use Grippers Carefully

You may find yourself struggling with the scales or chords, but then when you finally master them is a memorable experience. Remember that hand-strengthening exercises can negatively affect your playing when done inaccurately. For example, guitarists use grippers as a hand strengthening tool that tends to make hands more rigid.

An exercise that works best without stiffening your hand muscles is closing and opening your hand as much as possible. You can begin slowly and speed up later without taxing yourself.

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