4 Habits that will make you a better guitarist

Do you want to get better at playing the guitar? If you’re passionate about playing this instrument, adopting the following habits will make you a better guitarist.


Though playing guitar is a physical activity, you don’t always need one to practice playing. Use your spare time to explore your ideas and visualize yourself pulling off a riff, lick, or song you’ve been working on. Even with the instrument, visualize your hands as you play without looking.

Explore the shapes your fingers are making, and the way your hands move up and down the fretboard. Connect the visual image with the sound you’re producing and notice the changes in rhythm and pitch as you change the movement of your hands. Visualization helps remember the shapes you made with your fingers and develops muscle memory.

Learn Something New Daily

This is one of the simplest things you can do to step up your guitar playing game, discipline, and motivation. For example, if you play classical guitar, you can try a contemporary rock song. Exploring new styles of music is an effective way to improve your guitar-playing experience. Moreover, stepping outside your comfort zone will develop an appreciation of composition while boosting your confidence.

Record Yourself

Take a closer look at your guitar techniques by recording yourself when you play. Most often, you need some objective self-criticism to help you improve. You can either use your computer or smartphone to record your piece. This is a great way to identify errors that you never noticed during the performance.

Practice the same piece several times and record yourself after a week or so. Compare both the recordings to determine how much you’ve improved during that time. Practice will surely bring more perfection.

Play With Other Musicians and Take Lessons

Though the thought of playing with other musicians can be scary, doing so will improve not only your playing technique but also your confidence. Whether you connect with a band, a jamming group, or other instrumentalists, you’ll be inspired by other players with unique playing styles.

Consider hiring a professional teacher to get top-quality guitar lessons. An expert will recognize your strengths and weaknesses and devise exercises allowing you to reach your full potential.

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