How to Prepare for Your First Stage Musical Performance

Your first live musical performance can be a nerve-racking experience. Most often, musicians find it difficult to perform because of a lack of organization. When you don’t know what to expect, being prepared can help you sail through smoothly.

This blog post will discuss ways to prepare for your first musical performance on stage.

Being organized is the key

Be sure that all your equipment is packed and ready before the gig. Searching for your guitar or CD at the last minute will cause stress and affect your performance. Always check where the venue is and when possible, visit it days before the big day. This will help you become familiar with the place and boost your confidence.

Arrive Early for a Sound Check

Reach the venue with plenty of time to spare. Check that your equipment is fully connected and all microphones are working. You can do a quick sound check to ensure that everything is functioning and the amps’ sound quality is great.

Always have a backup plan in the event of electricity breakdown, wiring issues, or instrument failure. If you’re in a band, each member should be responsible for their instrument. For example, the guitars should be tuned, accessories such as pedals should be connected to the amps, and more.

Pack Your Back-Ups

Since you never know what might go wrong, bring your backup equipment to the performance. Guitarists should pack some guitar strings and a spare guitar if they have one. So, if a string snaps, you can just pick your spare guitar and continue performing. Moreover, drummers should bring spare drumsticks if they break or lose one during the gig.

Keep Your Set List in Hand

For your first gig, you must rehearse the songs you’re going to play many times. So, remember the order you’re going to play them in. Regardless of all your planning, you may forget the order of your play because of stage fright.

This usually happens with musicians who are going to perform their first gig. That’s where the need for your setlist comes in. Place a couple of them on the stage and refer to them to remember the sequence of your songs during the performance.

Record the Performance

Though this is optional and not so essential, it may prove quite beneficial to record your gig during rehearsals and listen to it later. That’s how you can determine how you sound and make the required improvements in the next rehearsal. Musicians are usually recommended to buy good quality mobile recording equipment for this purpose.

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