Secrets of Success From the Great Guitarists of All Time


If you’re a beginner guitar player, you can always hear the success stories of advanced musicians who have gone ahead of you. Even if you’re not a beginner, you must be prepared to face the challenges that may come up. The following insights from some of the most popular guitarists will help you navigate more easily.

Handling Fear

One of the most common reasons individuals feel reluctant to play the guitar is fear. However, fear is an emotional reaction that everyone experiences, and you must know how to deal with it. A musician’s job is to perform in front of people, whether it’s an audience of one or a large crowd.

The greatest guitarist Jimi Hendrix knew very well how to deal with the fear of performing. He was jolly just before his first stage performance though most people would be jittery.

Handling Praise

As a performing artist, you’ll be praised often. The way you respond to praise will affect how well you perform in the future. So handling praise is another secret you should master.

As praise can help you focus on people’s opinions, it can also make you nervous. In the worst-case scenario, it can also prevent your musical growth. When asked about this in an interview, Eddie Van Halen admitted that positive reviews would often make him more anxious and nervous. To feel more relaxed, he stopped reading these reviews.

Balancing Life

Most guitarists have difficulty finding the balance between music and their lives. If you succeed in your musical career, you must learn the secret of balance. One of the greatest guitarists, Ryan Brahms struggled to find this balance. According to him, relationships can be challenging for many musicians. He still managed to find the balance without quitting performing live and practice sessions.

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