The Ultimate Guide to Guitar Cases for Studio and Stage Guitar Players


Guitar cases can either be soft padded bags or hard cases designed to protect your instrument from damage. These cases also protect your guitar from humidity. They often come with a humidifier to maintain humidity levels wherever you go. Whether you’re a professional guitarist or a casual musician, this guide can help you choose the perfect guitar case.

Soft Guitar Cases

Also known as gig bags, soft guitar cases offer the cheapest and simplest way to store your guitar. Their outer nylon cover and inner padding protect your guitar if it collides with an object or falls on the floor.

It has various pockets so that you can organize all your guitar pieces. Moreover, a carrying handle and backpack straps make it easier for the musician to carry the instrument everywhere.

A high-quality soft case will offer thicker padding (20mm), heel cushions, internal straps, and padded neck rests.

Hard Cases

Hard cases are categorized into wood cases and cases made of materials such as carbon fiber, fiberglass, and ABS plastic. Since these cases are hard, they’re best suitable to carry your guitar and toss in the trunk of a car.

For example, wood cases are made of laminate or wooden outer layers. Compared to soft cases, they offer improved protection.

Important Considerations

Since every guitarist has different needs, they must follow these tips to make an informed decision:

  • A gig bag allows you to save space and protect your instrument from dings and damages. They’re better in situations where you know your guitar will be kept safe.

  • Choosing a hard case is a better option if you regularly put your guitar in a place where it could be jostled about. Consider investing in a hard case for an expensive guitar.

  • You can use a soft case as a lightweight alternative to a hard case.

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