Why Art and Music Go Hand in Hand

No creative pursuit takes place in isolation. Whether we talk about music, or theater, or poetry, or writing, or art, there will always be overlap and shared harmony between these avenues, and for the right reasons too.

It’s impossible for us, as consumers and creators to separate these art forms from one another, and there’s an undeniable, inextricable connection between music and art in particular. They seem to feed off and into one another, and create a stunning entanglement of emotion, passion, and raw talent.

But what makes them so deeply connected and tied to one another? Let’s take a look:

We use one to understand the other

Many a time, we use music and art to understand each other. A lot of music makes sense as a work of art, and artworks can be seen as harmonies and melodies to truly understand their essence. It’s one of the most beautiful relationships and one that is incredibly easy to understand for anyone who’s experienced the overwhelming pull of seeing and hearing something beautiful.

Music and art can transform your mood

Both of them have the ability to impact your mood. Music can instantly uplift your spirits, and simultaneously bring you down to the depths of despair, the way art can. Creating both art and music is also incredibly cathartic and can provide a healthy outlet for managing overwhelming emotions and feelings. It’s incredible to see the power music and art hold, and how much they impact our lives on the daily.

They take you into a new sphere of creativity

Whether you actively create, play, or simply consume music and art, you’ll find yourself inevitably transported to a new sphere of creativity. It’s impossible to miss how much they impact you and your creativity, opening your mind to new possibilities, and helping you think more freely. Art does something similar, and very early on in life, you’ll find that kids who are exposed to art (both creating and consuming) tend to be more creative, develop faster, and have more complex thinking.

This pretty much holds true for adults too, as we learn to navigate through the world around us with music and art as a compass for creative thinking and development.

Music and art continue to influence each other

There’s no shortage of music that’s been influenced and inspired by art and art that has been borne from music. From paying homage to artists, to ballads about paintings, and borrowing visual elements within the songs themselves, the collaboration between music and art is unparalleled.

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